Tuesday, September 28, 2010

last of Cali and road trip home

Ever wonder what the last days of the Disney College Program were like for me? Well no worries cause this isn't delayed at all! Haha, ok it totally should have been up months ago. Sorry. Better late then never though am I right?
Well last minute I threw a dinner to kinda say goodbye to my wonderful photopass family. It was very last minute cause no one was planning anything and so I finally just gave in and made a facebook event. Not everyone could show up cause they had work or other obligations but we still had an awesome turn out! Oh and we went to Red Robin :) yumm...
Here are some random pics from the awesome night:
Some of us at the table
Me with some of my good friends that decided to stay in sunny Cali
Oh how I miss them!
me and Kathryn with the amazing Omar!
He was one of my very favorite leads
Oh and Rob surprised me and crashed my party haha
no worries I was super excited to see him :) like always
Me and some of the most awesome leads ever!
and here is our awesome Red Robin group at the end of the night!
I'm so glad I threw that dinner, it was nice to have a nice last goodbye to some co-workers that I loved working with.
Ok we are going to skip to graduation day now! Ever sense the program started Janell wanted to go to PCH grill for breakfast and we finally got around to it on our last day! It was fun I love character breakfasts and I loved all the characters costumes for the beach/lifegard theme! But it was kinda depressing at the same time cause we all knew we were leaving and going our separate ways after this day. But we still made some great memories :)
Here is all of us surfing with Mickey!
And then right after our breakfast we ran home to our almost empty apartment and hurried and got ready for graduation. Yes I was excited to finally get my graduation ears but it was sad thinking it was all over, it really didn't feel like it was happening and that I should have been in a dream. But yet once we got there and received our ears then we all sat down and waited until they called our name and thats when we eared our diplomas and shook the hand of the ambassador of Disneyland. Then we thought it was all over, but no then Graduation Mickey came running onto the stage! Everyone was so excited he was there! Then of course we all waited in one of Mickey's longest lines I swear and got a picture with him :) Then it was back to the apartment and clean and pack and clean some more. Yep thats what I did until 10pm and got checked out of my apartment that night. It was so sad to see my apartment empty, it was full of so many awesome memories but no one would know that cause it just looked empty. But it's alright, that room has many more awesome memories coming it's way I'm sure of it!
The next day I went to Disneyland one last time with my parents and my amazing sister Keri!
Before I was so excited to go to Disneyland with all of them and I couldn't wait! But when it came to that day, and I knew it was my last time in that wonderful place, everything I looked at haunted me and seemed to be staring back at me as if Disneyland was mad I was leaving. I don't know how to explain that feeling but it was the worst feeling in the whole world, I just wanted to cry and run out of Disneyland even though my family was there to enjoy it with me. Looking back on it I feel so bad I must have been miserable and not fun to go around Disneyland with. But it came to the point were I couldn't stand it anymore and I left my family to watch World of Color and I went and spent the my last night with Rob. I knew he would cheer me up and he did but then too soon it was time to say goodbye to him too. Man do I never ever want to go through that again, EVER! Saying goodbye to Rob was by far the worst thing ever. But I tried my hardest to say bye like taking off a band-aid quick and painless.
Then early in the morning it was time to head back to Utah! Keri, me, and my life were packed in my car and my parents were in there car behind us. Here is a cute pic of me and Keri, oh and my life packed behind us haha And let me tell you, this was the LONGEST ride of my life, cause I was driving farther and farther away from my happy amazing disney life. If it wasn't for my awesome amazing sister Keri I know I wouldn't have been able to do that. Thanks so much Keri you're the BEST and I love you soo so very much!
Well I have heard of this fun little dinosaur park from my friend Danielle's blog and it looked fun and I needed something to look forward to so I asked my parents if it was ok to do a little pit stop near Barstow, thankfully we found it pretty easy and I'm so glad we went here! It's called Peggy Sue's Diner-saur park. We all had so much fun posing in front of the dinosaurs, spotting turtles in the pond, checking out the little gift shop, and striking a pose on the stage! It was a good pick me up and we had fun laughing too.
Here are some pics from the diner-saur park:
creepy man in tree?
my FAVORITE pic from the park
haha it STILL makes me laugh!
and all of us together right before we left the splendid diner-saur park
Well that was basically my long trip home, hauling my little scion with my life packed away in it from Cali to Utah. Soon after I came home we had a family camping trip, and I'll blog about that next!
Until next time!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dreams do come true :)

Today one of my dreams came true, I had the most amazing chance to hold a bunch of Disneyland balloons in Town Square!!
In Disneyland dreams come true everyday!
P.s. Those balloons are surprisingly heavy! Lucky for me I didn't fly up into the air haha

Saturday, July 24, 2010

San Francisco!!

So I have always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and when I got into the college program here I was hoping I would be able to see it while I was here until I realized it's still at least a 6 hour drive from Anaheim to San Francisco. Me and my roommates contemplated a trip there but ended up realizing it might not happen, then my parents said we could stop by there on the way back to Utah when they pick me up but then we didn't know if we would have enough time. Well thankfully I asked Rob if he would want to go when me and my roommates were maybe planning a trip there and he wanted to go sense he never been before either. So when my roommates couldn't go we still wanted to go, so we decided to still go! Rob got work off and I asked for work off but wouldn't know until the week before if I would actually have it off so we booked our trip on Monday night and left that next Saturday night! It is crazy to think we booked it so fast but it all worked out thankfully!
So get ready for an overload of pictures!
So we decided to fly out cause in the long run it saved us money and it definitely made it so we had more time there! Sadly I was sick when we left so when we got there my ears were still not popped and I was in pain so we got to our hotel (which was right in downtown san fran and it was the NICEST hotel I loved it!) and Rob went across the street to California Pizza Kitchen and got us a pizza to eat and after we ate we just went to bed cause it was so late. Well the next day we started our vacation!
Me and Rob at the Bay Bridge
We ate here cause Rob wanted to eat somewhere nice, and let me tell you, it was WAY NICE!
A 4 star restaurant with a Michelin star too. The food was divine! I had a pork chop with potatoes and my goodness was it delicious!
Speaking about food, they sold German chocolate everywhere there!! It made me oh so happy to be able to buy and enjoy some real chocolate! I haven't had any real German chocolate in years!
And you know it's real when you can't read anything on the wrapper cause it's all in German haha. I wanted to take a picture of me with the chocolate so my dad could see me and be proud I bought some Nogat chocolate, and even got Rob to love it! Haha this was the 2nd one we bought and ate.
Some Trolley cars
Is it a boat or is it a car? Haha this just made me laugh when I saw this and made me think of my dad cause I thought it would be something that he would like.
Fisherman's Wharf
I saw this statue and I wanted a picture by it so bad haha wouldn't you want a picture by a monkey playing a ukulele?
At Pier 39
I thought this was the coolest carousel ever! It has 2 stories! And even had a real sea horse haha it was half fish and half horse! I wanted to ride it but wasn't willing pay money just for a ride so took a pic instead.
So we walked all the way to the wharf and pier 39 and were kinda tired so we decided to take the bus back to our hotel. This is the one we got on I thought it looked cool so I took a picture. When it stopped for us to get on the bus we all went to the front door but it didn't open and the bus driver was screaming "Back door! Back door!" Everyone seemed confused but we all went into the back door, needless to say thanks to that bus driver we and a lot of other passengers got a free ride. Thanks mystery bus driver!
The last day we finally went to the Golden Gate Bridge! It only took a 45 min bus ride from our hotel to get us there, but I'm so glad we got to see it! Call me crazy but I was so so excited to see just a red bridge haha but really I had a permanent smile the whole time we were there!
some pics I took with my Nikon of the Bridge.
Click on the pics to see them bigger
So thank you Rob for making my dream come true :)
We went to Chinatown 3 times, once everyday cause we liked it there so much haha.
I loved the look of Chinatown and all the asain writing on the signs, lanterns strung up across the street, and bright colored buildings there.
Rob bought me the CUTEST superman plushie there,
come on you know he is awesome :)
and I wanted this hat so bad!
You know it looks amazing on me :) haha
but I didn't buy it cause I knew I wouldn't be able to fit it in my carry on bag
and really I know I wouldn't wear it that much.
So a picture satisfied me :)
How many big sky scrapers just blew me away, I was fascinated by them!
Coming back to Anaheim I feel like I live in a small town now haha
Well we got back all safe and sound and I wasn't sick anymore so my ears popped fine on the flight back thankfully! I wasn't ready to come back at all though, that was the best vacation! If you haven't been to San Francisco I would HIGHLY recommend going! I LOVED it there!
^Me finally ON the Golden Gate Bridge!

Christmas in July!

That's right we had our own Christmas in July!
We even had a Christmas tree,
yes it's better than Charlie Brown's I know :)
Amazing yummy Christmas treats,
We made a cute gingerbread house too!
and we strung Christmas lights all over our apartment,
complete with snowflakes!
I must say, it was the best Christmas ever!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My grandpa is more awesome then your grandpa!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I love my family!

My cute Grandma and Grandpa Winterton and my Aunt Crystal came to visit me this week!
I really had so much fun with them, I am really blessed to have family that really cares about me and what I'm doing in my life. I realized this is the most time I have probably spent with my grandparents and that makes me sad, I'll be sure to spend some more time with them once I get home thats for sure!

This was the only photo we have of all of us that we took while they were here.
It's right after we got off from the Jungle Cruise.
My Grandpa wanted to go on every roller coaster my Aunt Crystal wanted to go on. It scared me cause I didn't want him to get hurt but thankfully he did good and enjoyed all the rides too! He went on Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, and the Matterhorn. While they went on most of those rides me and my Grandma sat and waited for them and had some nice little chats. I'm glad we got that time alone together cause I really did have fun just talking with her about life.

I'm so glad they came to see me! I really needed a break from all the tough decisions I'm going to make here soon that it was kinda stressing me out so this was the perfect vacation for me, and really I do have the best grandparents! Oh and my aunt Crystal is the best too! I always have so much fun with her! I might just have to move to St. George and live by her someday haha.

I love this picture of my Grandparents so so much it's just adorable!
Someday I'll find myself a guy to live happily ever after with :)


Being clean makes me happy,
also having an awesome camera makes me happy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here is an update of the random shenanigans I have been up to lately....

Every thursday there is a farmers market on the street in front of my apartment building. We used to go every thursday but we haven't gone for awhile. We finally got a group together and went!

This chair was just sitting by one of the kiosks and it reminded me of a throne and it was just calling my name so of course I sat on it, and I must say it was mighty comfy too!
It isn't a proper farmer's market without a crepe :) yummm
It was so cute they put mustaches on our crepe boxes :)
I think every to go box should have a mustache on it!
Just down the street from my apartment building is the practice rink for the anaheim ducks.
My college program put together an activity for us so we got to skate there for free! It was loads of fun and reminded me of home, especially cause it was cold inside haha.
So one morning I wake up and I was in a pretty down mood, and my roommates had this amazing idea to make some colorful waffles! Then we realized that day was the day world of color opened to the public! So it was perfect we called them our world of color waffles!
And they also made brightened up my day :)
Just take a look at them, don't they look fun and delicious?
Oh ya I almost forgot, I got to see World of Color before it was open I was so stoked! These were my tickets to our show.
Oh and if you were wondering, World of Color is amazing, and when I say amazing I mean it will blow your mind away and make you fall in love with Disney all over again!!!

Ok well thats about it!
Until next time!